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Purple and Gold

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ssdsigns photography
Thanks for your kind comments Linda. I am very pleased to see you applying in the field what you learned in the class. As far as sharing, your uncle, Harold Bennett showed me that sharing ones knowledge is a good thing. His unselfishness made a huge impact on my life. Any measure of success that I have achieved as far signs, design work, photography, etc. is a result of Harold's influence in my life. He was such a blessing to me! So the least I can do is try to pass it on. God Bless!
Linda Giles(non-registered)
Ricky, your pictures ROCK! I am a huge fan. Additionally, I am impressed that you so readily share your techniques instead of being secretive which would be forcing those of us who are newbies to fish around in the dark. Your mentoring and teaching those of us who are photographer wanna-be's is invaluable. It is time-saving and avoids frustration to have a step-by-step instruction manual. Thanks so much.
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