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Zora 7d Mark II - 300 2.8

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Zora 7d Mark II - 300 2.8

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27.Holly Snead Brownstone Properties(non-registered)
Thanks for your help at Eagle Pointe Shores!
Beautiful photography, I had no you display your work in any local galleries? You should submit to Garden and Gun magazine!
25.Lynn Ellis Brooks(non-registered)
Referred by Dr. William Blackman, MD to see your work.
24.ssdsigns photography
Thanks for your kind words Valerie. Keep shooting and most of all have fun with
your photography. If you stick with it you will look back and see your photography
improving as you learn to be creative with your camera. For anyone starting out learning
to shoot manual exposure opens up the opportunity to be creative with the camera. Happy Shooting!
23.Valerie Jack(non-registered)
This is amazing! You have been blessed with a GREAT talent keep up the good work. I love to photograph but i am not near this good.
22.Lee Luther Jr.(non-registered)
Hey Ricky, Its always great to hear from you, I really love looking at your GREAT work,you are very blessed and its wonderfull that you can share your talents with everyone.No, the big 6 is staying with me but you may have talked me into picking up another fat 200 and give it a better test.I want all that reads this to know that I know the correct way to spell Picasso is like this but I'm the other one,so its Pacoso,country syle. Good luck to your HAWKS this season,take care,yo buddy,Lee
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